41 thoughts on “Regras de tênis para iniciantes | Regras do Tênis

  1. Thx thx thx thx thx I have seen more than 5 videos to learn rules but I was not able to learn anything but you made me under stand everything and I am not saying it for likes or getting pin it was really nice

  2. This is the best tennis explainer video! Came back to rewatch the short doubles rules at the end after trying other videos that are longer and yet not as good. Hope to see more on tennis from you!

  3. Watching the Tennis Channel and I noticed there is an "exponent" type number in the scoring system under the games column. What does that little number mean? Again, it looks smaller and to the right like an 'exponent'. thanks.

  4. Best Beginner's Tennis tutorial I've found yet on You Tube bar none. Kudos. Most supposed beginners how to tutorials either A. waffle on verbosely all over the place for hours -OK hyperbole, but you take my meaning, B. digress hugely off the title and start talking advanced technique and tactics which isn't what beginners seeking to understand the rules of tennis are seeking, or are made by/for right brainers who 'explain' things which aren't a fit with a "get to the point FFS" logic orientated mind -understatement. Give me the meat 'n taters, and get to the point, DIRECTLY. That's done here. Well done.

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